Facebook launching gaming platform

Now on Xbox One, PS4, and Facebook

It seems Facebook is looking to branch out from just FarmVille and various other microtransaction-laden games. According to a post on the Facebook developers blog, the social media giant will be teaming up with Unity to create a PC-based gaming platform.

The platform is mostly compatibility with the Unity engine that allows seamless integration onto the Facebook homepage. I figured that was already happening, but that shows how much I know.

While this may seem like dire news, it should work out great for indie developers. Having more exposure to you games can only mean good things for the industry. Facebook isn’t the best of companies, but everyone and their mother uses some form of social media. I guess your mother can now own your ass in some Quake Live.

Unity and Facebook Team Up to Support Game Developers [Facebook for Developers]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.