Fabular looks fabulous

‘Once upon a space time’

God, that headline is such a gimme it’s disgusting. This is like when Steph Curry gets a pass behind the three point line so unexpectedly wide open he hesitates, dribbles a couple times, and nails it. On pace for 400 ya’ll. 

And like Steph Curry, “top-down medieval space adventure” Fabular speaks for itself. It also sounds a bit like “Flubber” if you slur enough. Just scrolling through the game’s website and enjoying all the art and GIFs is a treat. What is that, a god damn Dune frog king? I’m talking Jodorowsky’s Dune. That frog is the realest. That frog justifies the existence of video games. God damn I love good art in its own style.

If you’ve played yourself and are not poring over the good website, note that Fabular features “physics-based melee and ranged tactical combat with RPG and Roguelike elements, infused with a futuristic medieval theme.” And then kiss the frog king ring.

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