Fable Pub Games comes to XBLA next week for 800 MS Points, free with pre-order

If you thought Microsoft were going to stop with Bionic Commando Rearmed on Xbox LIVE Arcade next week, you’re sadly mistaken. They’ve announced that they will also be dropping Fable II Pub Games on XBLA for 800 Microsoft points. 

Fable II Pub Games is exactly what it sounds like — a bunch of casino-style pub games that will allow players to start earning money that can be used when Fable II is released this October. Games include “Fortune’s Tower,” “Keystone,” and “Spinnerbox.” 

If you’re not up for spending 800 MS Points on Fable II Pub Games, simply pre-order the game at select retailers to receive a free download code. I was able to pick one up at my local GameStop yesterday, but the code won’t be valid until next week. 

So for those looking forward to Fable II, are you so adamantly against pre-orders that you’ll spend 800 MS Points on Fable II Pub Games instead? Because that’s just silly.

[Picture: Heavyness]

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