Fable III confirmed yet again

Fable III is a real thing. Weeks ago, British television personality Jonathan Ross inadvertently confirmed the game when he mentioned doing voice work for it via the ever-troublesome social networking tool Twitter. Lionhead Studios essentially confirmed it as well with the release of Fable II downloadable content ‘See the Future’ — a scrap of content aimed at giving fans a glimpse of where the series is headed. Now, we have an exciting new affirmation, and it’s just about as odd as the initial confirmation of the title: a wedding announcement.

Lionhead designer Joshua Samuels Atkins is getting hitched. His mini-biography in the New York Times specifically mentions the unannounced title:

Mr. Atkins, 34, is the lead game designer for Fable III, a video game series produced by Lionhead Studios in Guildford, England. He graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

So, there you go. Fable III is confirmed … again. No telling when we’ll see it, but we’re looking forward to the awkward Project Natal stuff that probably comes with it.

[via CVG]

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