Fable II ‘Knothole Island’ DLC price slashed

Microsoft’s latest Deal of the Week isn’t a stunner, but it’ll do. Starting today until July 6, you can purchase Lionhead Studios’ Fable II downloadable content “Knothole Island” for the low, low price of 560 Microsoft Banana Bucks.

The content is normally priced at 800 Microsoft Banana Bucks. So, this deal will save you a whopping 240 Banana Bucks, which is roughly equivalent to 70 Mars Credits, 400 Gil, or three Earth dollars. Not bad.

If you’re unfamiliar with the downloadable content, check out our exploration of it. As a whole we liked it, however, it would have been even better if Lionhead added potions that made our hero’s feet and hands larger. We like big appendages.

[via Major Nelson]

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