Fable 2 release date, also limited edition

Fans of Albion, sharpen your blades, for Lionhead’s long-awaited Fable 2 is finally coming to the Xbox 360 on October 21 for US gamers and October 24 for Europeans.

Prior to the game’s launch, the Fable-connected Pub Games title should be coming to Xbox Live on August 13. Pub Games will allow players to gamble and amass in-game money that they will then be able to take and spend in Fable 2. Priced at 800 MS Points, pre-ordering Fable 2 will be rewarded with a code to download Pub Games for nothing. 

The Limited Edition version of Fable 2 is looking like a rather sweet deal, as it comes with a DVD, a set of cards, a hobbe figurine and even an extra in-game dungeon. At £49.99, I’m pretty tempted myself. 

The day of judgement for Peter Molyneux’s anticipated sequel draws near. Here’s hoping it can live up to the hype.

Jim Sterling