Fable 2 artist calls consumers ‘visually illiterate,’ also Fable 2 looks good

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Fable 2 technical art director Ian Lovett said that consumers were “visually illiterate” and “don’t understand what they’re looking at” in regard to the technical side of the visual quality in Fable 2.

The question posed to Lovett and lead concept artist Mike McCarthy dealt with new consumers’ first impression with Fable 2 and asked them to present a contrast to the original Fable’s visuals. In a shocking statement, Lovett revealed that Fable 2 would not look as “primitive” as the underfunded and hardware-strapped Fable before proceeding with the “illiterate” comment.

I’ll admit that my cat may not recognize progressive visuals, but I know that even the most casual consumer can recognize better textures. Do you think Lovett is over generalizing? Also, do you still think the dog will still be a gripping plot device capable of invoking true emotion and shattering videogame expectations?

Brad BradNicholson