F2P MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic is shutting down on October 15

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Anyone with a Steam account is probably aware of the MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic. A while ago, the game flooded inventories with multiple beta invitations. I’ve still got five of them, and now that the game’s in open beta I can’t bloody get rid of them.

That aggressive marketing didn’t seem to actually do much for the game though, as Deep Silver has announced via the game’s Steam community that Dead Island: Epidemic will shut down on October 15 and all development on it will be ceased.

Up until then, there will be a huge sale on all of the microtransactions, to let people who have been supporting the game up to now try items and characters they hadn’t had the chance to. Also it’ll be to scrape the last bit of money Deep Silver can off of another failed MOBA.

It’s a shame, too. Epidemic at least tried something interesting by having three competing teams instead of the usual two. I guess the Dead Island name just doesn’t translate well to that genre.

Now if you need me, I’ll be drowning in my beta invites which will never go away. Send help… preferably a life raft.

Joe Parlock