F-Zero 99 brings the series back as a battle royale, available today

I’ll take anything at this point

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Nintendo has announced that they’re returning to the 99-player experience using the SNES version of F-Zero. F-Zero 99 is releasing today on Switch.

I know we’re all hoping for either a remaster of F-Zero GX or a new title entirely, but this is what we get. The flat, mode-7 landscapes are given new life by placing 99 players on them to fight for the lead. The boost meter from later games returns. Rather than being allotted a certain number of turbo boosts, like in the SNES game, it follows the system started in F-Zero X where you can sacrifice some of your shield to get a bit of extra speed.

A new feature has been added through “super sparks.” They litter the track, and if you collect enough of them to fill your meter, you get sent up to the “Skyway.” The skyway is a special track above the normal track that gives you the ability to try and get away from the human-clutter track and get ahead.

It might not be what we’re hoping for, but I’m looking forward to trying it. It’s nice to see Nintendo actually do something with the franchise beyond just telling us repeatedly that we can’t have a new one.

F-Zero 99 is available starting today on Switch. It’s “free” for anyone with a Switch Online subscription.

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