Ezra Chatterton and the Order of the Phoenix; Snape still kills Dumbledore!

Remember a while back when I brought you all the heartwarming story of Blizzard’s good deeds toward a young World of Warcraft fan whose HP was being sapped by cancer? It gets better!

WoW Insider, the only member of the Joystiq family sans drool bib, brings word of Blizzard’s final gift for young Ezra Chatterton, a world first epic mount. The mount, a burning phoenix, has long been rumored to exist in-game, but until it was presented to Ezra, no one had been able to find it via legal means. The phoenix (pictured above) trumps almost everything Blizzard could have possibly given him (with the possible exception of Falcor), and proves, once again, that Blizzard is the sort of company you could take home to mother.

Not at all like that slut Smilebit

Earnest Cavalli
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