ezGear’s Wii MusicPack turns playing Wii Music into an embarrassing photo op

You’d be hard press to find someone who can play Wii Music and not look like a complete tool. So why stop with just the Wii Remote and nunchuck? Why not take it to the next level?

ezGear has announced that it will be releasing the Wii MusicPack, a set of instrument-shaped peripherals that snap onto your existing Wii controllers for the authentic music experience. The set includes a condunctor’s baton which also doubles as drumsticks, a violin shell, and a saxophone.

I’m still not sold on Wii Music as a form of entertainment or musical expression, and I’m not sure turning the Wii Remote into a violin would do it for me. Still, things like this must continue to sell, whether it be Wii boxing gloves, guns, swords, or shields. Figure out what we’re missing and make your fortune.

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