EyePet hits this holiday

It’s official: Sony Computer Entertainment’s EyePet hits this “holiday.”

At a recent demonstration for the odd PlayStation Eye-driven title, Kotaku learned that it was slated to arrive on store shelves at some point during videogame Armageddon. Kotaku was also told it would be sold in two ways: as a sole disc and as part of a bundle with the PlayStation Eye.

This latest and official information runs contrary to previous reports that pegged EyePet’s launch date as October 2nd.

Revealed at Leipzig four billion years ago, EyePet dazzled the crowd with its augmented-reality shenanigans. With the generous help of a PlayStation Eye, EyePet interprets real-world objects — balls, fingers, schematics, etc., — and spits them into the game, where a colorful monkey then reacts to whatever is being introduced. We’re told the monkey can’t build a time machine or cook breakfast, but it’s only a matter of time until SCE tackles these miniscule hurdles.

Brad BradNicholson