Eye of newt, toe of frog: Analyst predicts 2K to release unannounced game in ’09

Janco analyst Mike Hickey has insight on business and the gaming industry. He’s also a talented sorcerer, capable of not only predicting the future, but also turning animals into stone. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, and it was mind blowing.

In his latest report on Take-Two, Hickey predicts that the publisher will soon start raising capital based on enthusiasm and success of games like BioShock and the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto IV. Speaking of the latter, and Rockstar in particular, he also mentions possible forthcoming Wii, PS2, and PSP extensions of the franchise. Images of an unnannounced Max Payne and Red Dead Revolver also appeared in his cauldron, most likely right after he saw Lindsay Lohan getting another DUI. 

Reaching far into the future, Hickey also suggests that 2K Boston and 2K Australia (formerly Irrational) have another game in the pipeline, set to be released sometime in 2009. An interesting prediction, indeed.

So while we’re all in the prediction mood, I ask you, the Destructoid videogame industry analysts: What titles should we be expecting Take-Two to release in, say … 2011?

[Source: , Gamasutra — thanks TheGoldenDonut]

Nick Chester