Eye of Judgment: Complete Disc includes all the cards

There’s card games like Culdcept Saga where you have to play to earn the cards, and others like Eye of Judgment where you must go out and purchase them. If card-based videogames are your thing, but buying and sorting through packs isn’t, then you’ll be interested in the Complete Disc for Eye of Judgement.

Sony will release this Eye of Judgment: Complete Disk in Japan soon. The disk contains 300 cards, which Siliconera says translates into one card from each of the three 100 card sets. It’s not clear if this package actually comes with 300 cards; it may just be the card data for in-game use.

I so want to rock Eye of Judgment with all of the cards. Having all of them would win me over. Really, having to purchase cards seperately was a turn-off, so I hope that the US will see some kind of similar release. 

Would you buy into Eye of Judgment if you had access to all of the cards? 

Dale North