Extreme Exorcism reminds me of a less polished Super Crate Box

Try the demo on Wii U today

When I first saw some screens for Extreme Exorcism, I had to jump on it. I’m a sucker for that simplistic style, and ever since I played Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, I’ve been addicted to arena-style platforming games. Seriously, Snow Bros doesn’t get enough respect.

The premise is a lot like Super Crate Box, actually. Levels will randomly adorn you with weaponry, which can range from items like guns, swords, and dash boots. The catch here is that every item that you happen to have on-hand is used all at once, and in the case of the aforementioned trio, your character will shoot, slash, and run respectively. It’s kind of neat.

Exorcism‘s whole gimmick is that each round, ghosts will appear, eventually filling the screen as time goes on. But there’s a big caveat — each ghost will mimic your prior actions and weapon. In other words, you are essentially competing with yourself every round, as the game forces you to remember your moves, and potentially make bad plays to keep ghosts on a leash.

For the first 15 minutes or so, it’s really cool. But over time, it gets a bit stale as this concept never really shifts throughout the experience. Four-player co-op support definitely helps the situation, but I’m anxious to see if the final build can bring anything else to the table. Extreme Exorcism will debut on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U later this year. Get a look at the full tutorial above.

Chris Carter
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