Extraction dungeon crawler Dungeon Stalkers begins open playtest

Darker and Darkest

Dungeon Stalkers open playtest

Action game developer Action Square revealed an open playtest for their extraction PvPvE dungeon crawler title, Dungeon Stalkers, starting today. The multiplayer extraction game is the first of three to be showcased during their currently ongoing Action Square Steam Fest. Those interested in participating in the playtest simply need to visit the Dungeon Stalkers Steam page and click the green Request Access button.

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A fun take on the extraction dungeon crawler genre

Dark and Darker mashed the dungeon crawling and extraction genres together, and Dungeon Stalkers looks to expand on that. I had the opportunity to delve into a few dungeons in Dungeon Stalkers a couple of weeks ago and had a good time slicing up other players to take their loot before trying to extract. Dungeon Stalkers is very clearly inspired by Dark and Darker, but it also adds its own touch as well.

Perhaps the most obvious change is the art style. Even though the dungeons are still dark—and honestly at the build I played, VERY dark, though I was told that would change—the characters and enemies in the dungeon have a more animated style to them. This is amplified by the skillset of the characters. While Dark and Darker utilizes more methodical Dungeons and Dragons style skills, Dungeon Stalkers leans more into big crazy skills. One of the characters wields a two-handed sword that you can charge up to essentially whirlwind around. Overall it feels like an improvement on the genre, and I’m excited to see where Dungeon Stalkers ends up.

There’s no release date for Dungeon Stalkers yet, but the open playtest runs through December 4.

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