Exposing the PTC’s bullsh*t: Journalist shows up council’s ignorance

We all know by now that the Parents Television Council doesn’t exactly understand what “reality” is, but unfortunately they prey upon those ignorant of the truth in order to continue their hypocrisy and express opinions based on a complete lack of fact. Recently, the PTC has been throwing around a press release about — you guessed it — Grand Theft Auto IV and made the mistake of showing it to journalist Phil Villarreal of the Arizona Daily Star.

Villarreal, unlike the PTC, actually plays GTA and decided to take the group’s Dan Isett (not a parent) to task on some assumptions made in the press release, chief among them this idea that the notorious drunk driving feature “awards points” for engaging in the activity. Phil very kindly transcribed the most telling aspect of his conversation with the PTC member, which can be read after the jump.

Have you played the game?

“I’ve actually played ‘Grand Theft Auto IV,’ and it’s right in keeping with previous versions. The series continues to lower the bar and this is the first game that has an alcohol content warning. You get points for driving drunk in this game.”

You know that’s not true, right? The game doesn’t have points.

“If nothing else, it’s a rewarded activity. Necessary for advancement.”

I don’t think so.

“But there’s an alcohol content warning and a scene of drunk driving, correct?”

Yes. Did you play that part?

“No, no. I didn’t get that far.”

Are you a gamer at all? Do you play any games these days?

“I enjoy video games.”

What do you play?

“I have a lot of fun. I play all sorts of games. I actually have a Wii.”

What were the circumstances that you played “GTA IV?”

“I rented it at a friend’s house. I think that what’s important is it’s a horrifically violent game and if you want to quibble about extra points being granted, fine. It rewards every antisocial behavior.”

Isset also refused to give any details of the context of the “murders” he performed in the few hours of playtime he had with GTA IV, most likely because it undermined his argument. Good show, Mr. Villarreal! Yet further proof that as gamers grow up and become journalists, the anti-games lobby has fewer and fewer friends in the press.

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