Expected Things: The Stranger Things video game will launch alongside Season 3 of the show

Return to the Upside Down on July 4

Stranger Things is getting another video game adaption. It’s not particularly new news; we learned about it back in December at The Game Awards. This 16-bit Hawkins, Indiana adventure happens concurrent to the events in the upcoming third season (or, it’s a straight retelling of Season 3).

That’s why it should come as no surprise that the video game will launch alongside the premiere the show. Netflix announced today that Stranger Things Season 3 will debut on July 4, and developer BonusXP revealed that the game will be available on the same day. Here’s the official trailer for Season 3:

The game’s release date came via the Nintendo Nindies event, confirming that Stranger Things will be available on Switch on July 4. However, BonusXP has continually said that Stranger Things will come to “all platforms,” without specifying them individually. It presumably means PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One but the Season 2 adaption was a mobile game. It’s unclear if Season 3 is launching on mobile too.

We’ve reached out to BonusXP for clarification on its plans for Stranger Things. We’ll update this post if we receive a response. But, at least it’s evident there will be a whole lot of weird stuff happening on (America’s) Independence Day — and not Will Smith fights aliens weird stuff, but interdimensional teenage paranormal weird stuff. Totally different.

Brett Makedonski
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