Expect some surprises in Ubisoft’s E3 line-up

Ubisoft joins all the other big game and console makers in hosting their annual E3 press conference before the expo starts this year. You don’t know how happy I am about that. The June 4 event is invite-only, and we’ll be there, but you can watch along at home with the streaming version, which will go live at https://uplay.com/e3 on the 4th.

As always, Ubisoft’s E3 booth will house their big titles this year. Among them we’ll see:

That’s not all, though. The publisher will announce their Wii U line-up at the show, so some of these will likely be at their booth.  Also, Ubisoft says to expect surprise announcements at this press conference, so you’ll definitely want to tune in or check back here with Destructoid on June 4. 

Any guesses as to what we’ll see in a couple of weeks?

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