Capcom confirms Exoprimal not part of the Dino Crisis universe

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Oh sorry, do I remind you of someone?

Sometimes, the heart and the head force two and two together and still somehow come up with five. Despite the eager finger-crossing of fans, Capcom has confirmed that its upcoming prehistoric sci-fi shooter Exoprimal is not connected to the universe of missing-in-action horror franchise Dino Crisis.

Game director Takuro Hiraoka finally put the kibosh on the rumor in a recent interview with IGN, referring to Exoprimal scientifically as “its own unique thing.” Explaining further, it seems that the design team went with the reptilian overlords simply because they wanted the player to take on a foe that could truly be considered mankind’s most ruthless, dangerous, and towering predator to date.

“Dinosaurs were the first idea that came up for the enemies you would face,” explains Hiraoka. “I thought that it would be fun to experience the threat of history’s most fearsome predators, and that if there were hundreds or thousands of them it would be an intensity that hadn’t been seen before. Once we had that idea, we felt that the only way to face the overwhelming strength and numbers of dinosaurs would be with futuristic technology rather than modern weapons.”

The news might come as something of a frustration for Dino Crisis fans, who have been angling for a series comeback for many, many years. While Exoprimal is, apparently, not the sequel — or even the spin-off — that they are looking for, it would probably behoove Capcom to at least put badass, red-haired dino buster Regina in the game as a fun character skin. Throw these fans a bone at the very least. After all, it was pretty shitty showcasing a very Regina-like character in the reveal trailer.

Regardless, Exoprimal is looking very good at this early stage — another upcoming release that aims to see Capcom continue its ongoing “hot streak.” You can read more about the title in our previous reports or sign up for its upcoming Network Test over on the official website.

Exoprimal will launch in 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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