Exclusive: The 18 minutes right after the first 15 minutes of Castle Crashers

If you enjoyed the first 15 minutes of our exclusive video playthrough of The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers, wait until you get a load of this. Today we present to you the 18 minutes that follow the first 15 minutes of Castle Crashers!

In this video, we explore further into the game, making our way into the “Forest Entrance.” We battle thieves who have anus-like faces, ride a dinosaur/dragon thing AND a shark, and get trampled by a killer, hairball-coughing catfish.

Like the first video, the audio commentary is back (“sorry” and “you’re welcome,” depending on who you are) and is likely not safe for work. So if you’re watching from your office desk or are disgusted by our commentary — reader zeroword called us “annoying and not funny at all” — please turn down your audio.

First video is above, and the second half can be found after the jump. Enjoy! And don’t forget, Castle Crashers will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade next Wednesday for 1200 MS Points. Prepare to crash things, more specifically, castles.

Nick Chester