Exclusive screens from Bomb-Up pack: Mr Destructoid can’t wait to bomb them!

Last night’s much-hyped news was that Mr. Destructoid now plays a real role in Hudson’s classic title Bomberman. While it doesn’t quite top Nex becoming King of Iceland, it’s probably the next best thing as far as the Dtoid army is concerned. Since the excitement is still high, it was a great surprise to find the finalized Mr. Destructoid sitting in my inbox today from Hudson, along with some screenshots from the upcoming Bomb-Up pack for Xbox LIVE.

The pic above shows Mr. Destructoid as he appears in the character creation screen. You can also see him sitting in a bomb in the attached pics, which will be shown at random between rounds (yes, we infiltrated that part too.) Don’t forget to check out exclusive pics of Medieval Times, the new level for the Bomb-Up pack where you can apparently mix bombs with spells to amazing results. We can’t wait to see the expansion pack hit next week — epic bombing festivals await!

[Edit: Our friends at Hudson noticed that some of you were asking for Mr. Destructoid live screenshots in the post comments. Their reply word for word was: “Please let them know that when they ask, they shall receive.” Enjoy! — C.]

Colette Bennett