Exclusive: Screens for Luc Bernard’s Reaper & Mecho Tales

Luc Bernard is a busy bumblebee. He’s only just released Steam Pirates for iTunes, but the notorious developer already has two more games in the works. Mecho Tales is a PSP Minis game, which Luc says “won’t be crap like most of them.” It’s a sequel to Mecho Wars but will take the form of a sidescroller as opposed to a strategy game. 

Reaper is a game I’m somewhat excited about. It’s a platformer action game, described as “Mario Bros. with weapons.” It’ll be an episodic title split into three parts and is due for release on HD consoles. Bernard won’t confirm which platforms, but has confessed to recently become a “Sony fanboy” so we can most likely assume a PS3 release. 

“The game is also very early in dev, and the current screens do not show how good the game will really look,” explains Bernard. “We plan to include all kinds of next generation lighting effects and other things only possible on HD machines. We want to use the power of those machines to also create gigantic boss fights.”

Check out the screens (including some Dtoid exclusives) for both titles in the gallery and let us know what you reckon!

Jim Sterling