Exclusive: Here’s a look at new MTG Jumpstart 2022 cards coming to paper Magic

Dragon Mage Magic the Gathering Jump Start 2022 exclusive

From the Dragons and Treasure sets

Magic: The Gathering‘s Jumpstart 2022 line is set to debut on December 2, and will once again inject cards both old and new into the gametype. As a reminder, Jumpstart is a product intended literally jumpstart quick games, by smashing up multiple thematic boosters: Angels and Dogs, Rogues and Pirates, that sort of thing.

This 2022 set is available in paper Magic, and although it isn’t something I’m constantly playing, it’s a nice thing to come back to, and have sets ready for. It has also been confirmed that Jump Start 2022 would not make it into Arena. Without further ado, onto the card previews!

New cards/cards with new art from the Dragons set:

  • Dragon Mage
  • Plundering Predator

So these are an interesting duo, especially given how popular dragon tribal is in many circles of Magic. Dragon Mage is highly costed, but could make for some interesting plays, especially in some wild jank mill decks. Plundering Predator is also highly costed for its effect: but perhaps with enter the battlefield/blink effects, you could do some fun things with it.

Note that Dragon Mage already exists, but the art is new.

Reprints from the Dragons set:

  • Bogardan Dragonheart
  • Dragon Egg
  • Dragon Fodder
  • Dragonlord’s Servant
  • Dragonspeaker Shaman
  • Furnace Whelp
  • Kargan Dragonrider
  • Lathliss, Dragon Queen
  • Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
  • Sarkhan’s Rage
  • Sarkhan’s Whelp
  • Scorching Dragonfire
  • Sparktongue Dragon
  • Tormenting Voice
  • Dragon’s Hoard
  • Thriving Bluff

So there’s a lot of familiar faces here, especially in the last few years. Sarkhan being part of the dragon set was predicable, and I’m sure some folks may not like that level of predictability: but he also opens up some options for building out dragon-based Jump Start decks.

New cards/cards with new art from the Treasures set:

  • Dutiful Replicator
  • Rapacious Dragon

In a far wackier move, the Treasures set has some lower costed fare. Dutiful Replicator is fascinating, and given the sheer amount of token play in this set, it’ll synergize instantly. Rapacious Dragon has the good old fashioned two treasure token effect, so it can create some immediate value to offset its cost.

Rapacious Dragon exists already, but the art is new.

Reprints from the Treasures set:

  • Barrage Ogre
  • Big Score
  • Blaze
  • Blood Aspirant
  • Brazen Freebooter
  • Captain Lannery Storm
  • Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge
  • Goldhound
  • Goldspan Dragon
  • Improvised Weaponry
  • Kuldotha Flamefiend
  • Professional Face-Breaker
  • Pyre-Sledge Arsonist
  • Reckless Fireweaver
  • Ripscale Predator
  • Sokenzan Smelter
  • Sudden Breakthrough
  • Trove of Temptation
  • Vault Robber
  • Welding Sparks
  • Gleaming Barrier
  • Goldvein Pick

Yet again we have a mix of old and mostly semi-new/new cards, and the Treasure set does mostly what it says on the tin. Expect lots of tokens and literal treasure play, amid lots of big red damage. Goldspan Dragon sticks out like a sore thumb, and lucky is the one who cracks at least one of them in a Jump Start game.

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