Ex-Bungie dev: Killzone 2 could be done on Xbox 360

Ex-Bungie developer Christian Allen has claimed that Killzone 2 could “totally be done” on the Xbox 360, despite the natural claims from Guerrilla and Sony that it could not. The now-indie dev states that the 360 and PS3 really aren’t all that different, and that KZ2 does nothing that the 360 couldn’t handle, if the team behind the game felt like making it work.

“Oh yeah, Killzone 2 could totally be done on 360 if Guerrilla wanted to,” Allen told HipHopGamer. “The tech is there, if the team and the publishers were motivated, they could do it, just like Halo could come to PS3 if MS didn’t own it. It really comes down to console exclusivity. The tech differences between the PS3 and the 360 aren’t all that much; it’s really about the delivery of content.”

We hear this “could only be done on the PS3” stuff a lot, and I think most of us can smell the corporate bullsh*t when it happens. What do you think? Is Killzone 2 so good looking at the 360 couldn’t handle it, or is Mr. Allen on the money when he says it could sit at home on either console? Fanboys, start your engines!

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