Evolve’s website is counting down to something, but do you want it?


Every so often I remember Evolve exists. “How much DLC does it have now?” I wonder. “Did anyone buy the near $100 worth of DLC at its launch?”

But I never really get the urge to go back and actually play the game. I had my fill already, and the outright milking of it really turned me off from believeing in any semblence of long term support. Though, something is coming for Evolve, by way of an ominous “#StageUp” hashtag, and a countdown on the official site.

The announcement was shared by way of Twitch, so maybe it’s an animation or original work of some sort? Either way, get ready for something in roughly 24 hours as of the time of this writing.

#StageUp [Evolve Game]

Chris Carter
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