EVO will have a special Street Fighter V panel with ‘exciting news’

‘New details’

With all the problems surrounding Street Fighter V, you’d expect a lot of the community to shun it. But at EVO 2016, that’s clearly not the case. This year, over 4,000 entrants have signed up to play the game — it surpassed the record way before that at 3,000 signups. That’s…huge, and this EVO is going to be insane just based on that qualifier alone, much less the growing scene for other games like Smash 4.

To capitalize on this runaway success, Capcom is holding a special panel at the event on July 15 at 10:00 AM PT (it’s at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall N101 if you’re attending), which will contain “exciting news” on “new details” for the game. Content update details are promised as is a Q&A session. There’s no link for a livestream, but given that basically everything at EVO is streamed, we’ll probably see it pop up somewhere.

Street Fighter World Panel [Capcom]

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