Evo Day 3: Armageddon

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Today will be finals all day for Blazblue, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and SSF4:AE. Come join us as we watch the stream and get hyped in the chat. 


Live Streams

Join us in the Dtoid Evo chat, as we watch.

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Schedule (PST)

10AM BlazBlue Finals

12AM Tekken 6 Finals

2PM Mortal Kombat 9 Finals

3:30 SF3 Third Strike Exhibition

5PM Marvel Vs Capcom Finals

7PM SSF4:AE Finals


Top 8 Brackets

[4 winners followed by 4 in losers bracket]

Blazblue: Heart Nana, Zoong One, Lord Knight, Tokido, DSmoove12, Severin, Spark, Wuku

Tekken 6: Kor, Rip, Mr. Naps, NYC Fab, Just Frame James, Ryan Hart, Tokido, Crow

Mortal Kombat: Chris G, JOP, Perfect Legend, Danzell Terry, 16-bit, OnlineTony213, ATL Redd, REO

MvC3: PR Balrog, Filipino Champ, Viscant, Justin Wong, Mine, Combofiend, Noel Brown, X-Ray

SSF4AE: Daigo, Poongko, Latif, Fuudo, FlashMetroid, Kindevu, Wolfkrone, Tokido



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Blazblue: Spark (1), Lord Knight (2), Tokido (3)

Tekken 6: Kor (1), Fab (2),Rip (3)

Mortal Kombat: Perfect Legend (1), REO (2), JOP (3)

MvC3: Viscant (1), Balrog (2), Justin Wong (3)

SSF4AE: Fuudo (1), Latif (2), Poongko (3)

Essential Links

Match history (also here)

Evo schedule

Muti-view (both streams)


Features + News

Day 2 coverage

Daigo Umehara ‘Exposed’ panel

Kuma revealed for Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter 4’s twins are about to get nerfed

New Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay teased

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 panel

Day 1 coverage


Day 3 Highlights

Spark (Haku-Men) vs Tokido (Noel) [Blazblue]

Viscant (Wesker/Haggar/Phoenix) vs PR Balrog (Wolverine/Dante/Tron/Amaterasu)

Poongko (Seth) vs Daigo (Yun) [Korean Technology!]

Latif (C. Viper) vs Poongko (Seth)

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[image courtesy of UdonCrew]


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