Evo day 1: So hyped!

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SSIV:AE Semi-Finals Bracket (8-11 PM PST)

Winners in bold; most recent on top

Top 8: Tokido, Poongko, Daigo, Latif, Fuudo, Wolfkrone, Kindevu, FlashMetroid


Juicebox (Juri) vs Tokido (Akuma)

Kindevu (Yun) vs 801Strider (Sagat)

DR Ray (Fei Long) vs FlashMetroid (Zangief)

Wolfkrone (C. Viper) vs Fuudo (Fei Long)

Latif (C. Viper) vs 801Strider (Abel)

Poongko (Seth) vs FlashMetroid (Zangief)

Tokido (Akuma) vs Daigo (Yun)

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs DR Ray (Fei Long)

Juicebox (Abel) vs Shiro (Makoto)

RF (Sagat) vs Mago (Fei Long)

Kindevu (Yun) vs Evans (Fei Long)

GamerBee (Adon) vs DR Ray (Fei Long)

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs Hsien Chang (Yun)

Kun Xian (Yun) vs Shiro (Makoto)

Juicebox (Juri) vs CJ Truth (Fei Long)

RF (Sagat) vs Calipower (Ryu)

Momochi (Yun) vs Mago (Fei Long)

Fchamp (Seth) vs Kindevu (Yun)

Evans (Fei Long) vs Combofiend (Guy)

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Latif (C. Viper)

WolfKrone (C. Viper) vs CJ Truth (Fei Long)

Momochi (Yun) vs. Tokido (Akuma)

Combofiend (Guy) vs FlashMetroid (Zangief)

Fuudo (Fei Long) vs. Kun Xian (Yun)

801Strider (Makoto) vs. Dr Ray (Fei Long)

Mago (Fei Long) vs. Infiltration (Akuma)

Daigo (Yun) vs Calipower (Ryu)

Kindevu (Akuma) vs Leslie (Sagat)



Leslie, Infiltration, Combofiend, FChamp, Momochi, Calipower [Alex Valle], Snafoo, Vangief, CJ Truth, Shady K, Banana Ken, Sanford, John Choi, GamerBee, Evans, RF, Shiro, Justin Wong, 


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Ten crazy, awesome fighting matches


Day 1 Highlights

Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. Mago (Sagat) 

Poongko (Akuma) vs Mike Chow

Daigo (Yun) vs Calipower (Ryu)

Juicebox (Juri) vs CJ Truth (Fei Long)

Latif (C. Viper) vs 801Strider (Abel)

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[image courtesy of UdonCrew]

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