EVO attendee steals PS Vita dev kit from Atlus

Down, down-right, right, theft

Word on the ground at EVO is a PlayStation Vita has gone missing from Atlus USA’s booth. Thing is, the hijacked machine happens to be a traceable dev kit, which can be deactivated remotely.

The exhibitors say “all will be forgiven” if the Vita is returned, pointing out the hardware won’t play retail games and will eventually be rendered useless without periodic reactivation.

Even still, it’s difficult to imagine whatever gormless individual that made off with the portable has the humility to return to the scene, look Atlus in the eye, and own up the crime.

Obviously, if you have any information that might lead to locating the missing system, I’m sure the crew manning the Atlus booth would appreciate it a great deal.

Sam Lain Han [Twitter via Bill Stiernberg]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson