EVO 2015 will use the Xbox 360 version of USFIV

One day Zangief’s chest hair will be HD

Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PlayStation 4 launch was, to put it politely, a total fucking mess: netcode problems, massive input delay, lag in single player modes and more. It seems like everyone but Destructoid’s own Chris Carter has been having a rough time with it.

Apparently these problems were big enough for the biggest event in the fighting game calendar to notice, as EVO have announced they will be returning to the Xbox 360 version of the game in their 2015 tournament. This was confirmed in a tweet by EVO founder Joey Cuellar:

This is apparently the final confirmation of the platform for the tournament, as even if the PS4 version is patched to be less… well… wank, they will be sticking with the Xbox 360 version:

Never mind the people who bought new arcade sticks in preparation for the tournament, Hakan’s oily, glistening chest will be in slightly lower res than is possible. That is the true victim of this decision.

Ultra Street Fighter IV at Evo 2015 Officially Returns to Xbox 360 [SRK]

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