Evil Within, Prey, Wolfenstein sequels, Skyrim remaster rumored for Bethesda at E3


[Update: Spotted by VideoGamer’s David Scammell, here’s a retailer page for Skyrim: Definitive Edition, which has a listed release date of November 23.]

And the E3 rumor train has left the station!

According to multiple sources, Bethesda will show off sequels for Prey, Evil Within, and Wolfenstein: The New Order at E3. The latter I totally get as they even followed it up with the highly successful and well-received Old Blood (plus it was basically confirmed already), but Prey is rumored to appear at every E3, and with Evil Within‘s mixed welcome, I’d be shocked to see a sequel.

But the biggest bombshell that will go over with the crowd is probably a Skyrim remaster, which will reportedly include mod support on consoles (just like Fallout 4), improved visuals, and all of the DLC in a GOTY-like fashion — that might sell more than all of the above combined.

We’ll be there on Sunday at Bethesda’s conference to officially report everything as it’s announced. I’m definitely in for Prey 2, a new Wolfenstein, and maybe a new Evil Within.

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