Evil Dead: The Game launches chaotic new mode ‘Splatter Royale’

evil dead the game splatter royale

Yo, She-bitch… Let’s go.

Saber Interactive has launched a brand new mode for its cartoonishly gory multiplayer title Evil Dead: The Game — The new “Splatter Royale” mode is now available to download on PC and console platforms, free of charge, and offers up a fresh/rotten new take on the battle royale genre.

In Splatter Royale, up to 40 players step into the viscera-soaked world of The Evil Dead, donning the gross, splatteriffic visage of any of the roster’s demons, or, alternately, a Deadtite-turned variant of Evil Dead’s many heroes. Once you’ve selected your death dealer, then it’s off into the woods, to fight it out in an every-demon-for-themselves competition for gory glory.

Navigate the grim terrain, arm yourself (quite literally in Ash’s case) with any and all scattered weaponry, and take on all comers in a bid to be crowned the Last Deadite Standing. There are a lot of cool characters on offer, and a massive variety of mayhem-dealing weaponry. But no matter who you chose, and no matter whether you’re rocking a hammer, shovel, or the all-new grenade launcher, all entrants to the Evil Dead Splatter Royale can be sure of one absolute certainty: You Will Get Wet.

In addition to the new mode, a new paid DLC bundle is also available. The “Immortal Power Bundle” adds a new survivor in the shape of Ash vs. The Evil Dead‘s Ruby Knowby, portrayed on-screen and in-game by the former Xena: Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless. In addition, the bundle contains four new skins for Ash vs. the Evil Dead stars Kelly, Pablo, and, of course, Ash himself, as well as a new “King of the White Frost” skin for the Puppeteer class demon. The Immortal Power Bundle is available now, priced at $9.99 USD.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. It will be available to download for all PlayStation Plus subscribers from February 7.

Chris Moyse
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