Mia Allen, blood splattered star of the 2013 movie, is coming to Evil Dead: The Game

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Feast on this, Motherfucker

[Update: Literal minutes after this story went live, Saber Interactive officially revealed that Mia Allen will arrive in Evil Dead: The Game next month as part of the season one DLC pass.]

Very exciting news for fans of Evil Dead: The Game, as developer Saber Interactive appears to be teasing the arrival of a brand new DLC character. And it appears to be none of than Mia Allen, the gore-covered, deadite-smashing, skin-peeling star of the stellar 2013 reboot of Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror classic.

Helmed and co-written by Fede Álvarez in his directorial debut, Evil Dead reimagines the unholy tale of the absolute nightmare that besieges a group of friends staying at an isolated log cabin. With the goal of supporting Mia as she attempts to go “cold turkey” on her heroin addiction, the group instead finds themselves terrorized by an ancient evil as utterly malevolent as it is completely unstoppable.

Mia, in particular, becomes the target of the demonic entities, and soon finds herself possessed by its will, leading her own friends to horrifying ends. While on paper “Evil Dead Remake” sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Álvarez’s film surprised many fans with its brilliantly vulgar photography, shameless, extreme violence, and suffocating sense of persistent hopelessness. Actor Jane Levy also put herself through the wringer playing the tortured Mia, in one of those leave-nothing-on-the-table performances that don’t get quite the industry acclaim they deserve “because horror movie.”

Evil Dead: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer title that pits a squad of heroes — pulled from various films across the series — against a single player controlling the forces of the demonic Kandarian army, unleashed once again from The Book of The Dead. Launching back in June, Saber Interactive has since updated the title with new content pulled from 1992’s Army of Darkness. Hopefully, the next update will not only include Mia, but perhaps some representations of the demons featured in the 2013 release.

Ash and Mia… together at last… battling side by side. While we are still left waiting for such an occurrence within a cinematic realm, I will quite gladly take it in the digital one.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. A Nintendo Switch edition is in the works, though updates on this port have been quiet for some time now.

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