Mia and David Allen are here to nail the Deadites in Evil Dead: The Game

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From a lacerated sky

Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game gets its most exciting update since its launch today, with the arrival of the Evil Dead 2013 DLC Pack, now available to download on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

The new DLC sees Mia and David Allen, sibling stars of Fede Álvarez’s great pseudo-remake, join the roster of Survivors as Warrior and Support class players, respectively. Mia — marvelously portrayed in the movie by Jane Levy — is a fearsome Deadite slayer when up close and personal, and sports a trait that sees her damage actually increases as her fear level rises. Mia can also unleash her own Deadite nature, as one of the few humans ever to survive Deadite possession. Check her out in the trailer below.

As a Support class character, David provides a central beacon of unwavering strength and hope for his teammates. David is equipped with healing abilities — for both himself and his brethren — and is also able to severely reduce the fear of characters in his vicinity. Much like in the brutal movie, David is equipped with a violent nail gun, as well as, somewhat more hilariously, dual-wielding syringes. These new weapons are also readily available for use by other Survivors.

In addition to the two new characters, the DLC bundle includes a new single-player mission, “Weekend at Knowby’s,” which is loosely based on the events of the movie. This mission features a variant of the Knowby Cabin, complete with the terrifying blood storm that concludes the film. A brand new screamer, (which remains an obnoxious and weirdly cheap-looking element of the game), is also included in the new bundle.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. A Switch port is reportedly in development, though, admittedly, news has been particularly quiet on that front for some time now.

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