Evil Dead: The Game turns back time with Army of Darkness DLC

evil dead the game dlc army of darkness update

Well helloooo, Mr. Fancy Pants…

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have released the first major DLC update for their multiplayer horror title, Evil Dead: The Game. Now available to download on all platforms, the content drop contains maps, modes, and weaponry for you and your posse’s battle with the spooky Deadite army.

Themed after the third mainline Evil Dead movie, Army of Darkness, (aka The Medievil Dead, aka Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness), the DLC features a much-needed new map, styled after the castle keep from the 1992 horror comedy. Visit the fortified Castle Kandar, the notorious abandoned windmill, and the Arthurian Outpost as you and your fellow monster slayers gather the mythic artifacts necessary to banish the Kandarian Demon and its minions to the Netherworld.

In addition to the new map, two suitably medievil weapons are being added to the in-game arsenal in the form of a powerful explosive crossbow and the Homer Simpson standard, a handy, skull-crushing mace. In addition, a brand new “Exploration” mode will let solo players explore the maps at their own pace, which is perfect for learning the layout and practicing your demon mashing skills before jumping online with highly skilled randos. All of the aforementioned content is free right now for all players.

If you’re a die-hard deadite and fancy dropping some dollars on some cosmetic content, then a new character skin bundle is also available for purchase. The Medieval Bundle ($7.99) contains new outfits for Henry the Red and Lord Arthur, along with a snazzy Golden Gilded ensemble for the Necromancer Army. This bundle also contains a brand new jumpscare. You read that right, paid DLC jumpscares. The Ash S-Mart Employee Outfit and The Gallant Knight outfit are also available as separate purchases, priced at $2.99 each. No sign of Embeth Davidtz. Heartbroken.

Evil Dead: The Game is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. A Nintendo Switch edition is expected later in 2022.

Chris Moyse
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