Evidence of a new Metal Gear Solid game? It quite possibly ‘exists’

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Yes I know, that’s not the most exciting header image that we’ve ever had on Destructoid, but I tried to spruce it up for you. It’s all Konami has given the Internet to work with, sadly. This bland image, as found on the Japanese trademark database, hints at a possible new MGS game in the works, titled Metal Gear Solid Existence, but you already knew that, because you can read. 

What could this be, exactly? A prequel? MGS4 on the Xbox 360 (ohmygod lolz)? Or maybe it’s just Konami messing around and this title won’t lead anywhere, as can sometimes be the case with these trademarks. 

Of course, TGS is right around the corner, so it’s a prime time to be trademarking things that may or may not be revealed at the biggest videogames show of the year. Looks like we’ll have to sit tight and see where this leads us.

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