Gamescom opens up with a look at Everywhere


What is it? Well, marketing will tell us eventually

Gamescom opened up with a quick look at Everywhere, a game that is bound to not get great SEO, and confused me with its opening pitch of “it’s everything.” When Gamescom Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley asked “what kind of game it was,” assistant game director Adam Whiting said that they’re “not trying to make a normal game.” Thanks for the info! “Creating and sharing” was part of the pitch.

According to a developer, we’ll have to “wait a little bit longer” for it to actually come out. But! They aim to have Everywhere “in the hands of players in 2023.” You can find more info on the game’s official site here. Some concept art was shown that will likely inform the game’s environments, and on-foot/combat/vehicular gameplay was teased as well. It gives off strong Roblox/Metaverse vibes; which is going to be interesting to see shake out in the next year or so. So far, I’m confident with dumping this back into the recesses of my memory until it’s actually out (preferably with a 1.0 launch and not an endless beta).

Here’s the official blurb that gets us no closer to figuring things out:

“Everywhere seamlessly blends gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery in an all-new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with one another and the digital world around them.”

In case you’re still confused, this is the thing from ex-GTA producer Leslie Benzies that made vague waves in 2020, from his studio Build a Rocket Boy.

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