Everything you need to know to get a Palutena amiibo

This might actually go well

The first amiibo figure released as part of wave 5a is Palutena, and it’s exclusive to Amazon. While retailer-exclusive amiibo have generally been a bad omen in the past, this has potential to actually work out for people who want one. Well, that’s provided they can be at their computer at a very specific time.

Amazon’s just sent out an email blast outlining exactly how the process will go. Palutena will go on sale at 2pm Pacific on Friday July 24. This amiibo’s limited to one per customer, and one-click buying is disabled. If you plan to be there, make sure you’re on-time, logged in, and have all the proper billing and shipping information stored in your account.

The promising detail comes from the fact that Amazon says it has “ample quantities” of Palutena. That means there won’t be a Lucina or Robina situation where it sells out within seconds. Still, Amazon warns “Demand is expected to be very high, and there’s no guarantee that she will remain in stock for long.”

For anyone who wants to bookmark it, here’s where Palutena can be found (it’s obviously still marked as “unavailable” right now). Of course, we’ll send out a reminder a bit before 2pm Pacific on Friday, also. Here’s to hoping this is a much less painful process than prior waves

Palutena amiibo (Amazon Exclusive) [Amazon]

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