Everything that happened in Sony’s Batman-less State of Play stream

Last of Us II is coming soon

No Batman! It turns out the tenuous links between the recent Batman game teases and Sony’s State of Play were just that: tenuous. I saw it coming from a mile away, so no worries there.

We did get some actual news though today, in this slightly higher stakes State of Play stream. The big takeaway is that The Last of Us II is coming this February, which was already teased ahead of time. In terms of Oprah-level “surprise, it’s out now news,” we have the MediEvil remake demo and L.A. Noire VR. We also got a few quick looks at some intriguing indie games like Humanity and Arise: A Simple Story.

It was alright? I’ve seen worse Nintendo Directs. The “fresh new look” for State of Play was oversold a bit, but “a few cool looking indies” is a good goal to strive for.

Chris Carter
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