Everything that happened at Sony’s great E3 2016 press conference

Crash is back! Kinda!

Once again Sony put on a great E3 show.

I don’t think it topped last year with the handful of emotional announcements, but they did well. We got a look at PlayStation VR, but it wasn’t too in your face. The Vita seems to be dead. Spider-Man is alive and well, and coming to PS4. And so is Crash!

But Resident Silent Hills Evil 7 stole the show. It looks fantastic, is a full return to horror, and I swear I saw Leon in that puddle reflection in the trailer. The demo getting out as soon as possible is also smart, as is the soonish 2017 release date.

This is the first conference I really enjoyed this year. Again, I really liked Microsoft (especially the hardware and software advancements), but it lacked the excitement you typically see out of an E3 conference. No doubt though, we all win with this amount of competition.

Chris Carter
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