Everything from the first E3 PC Gaming Show conference

‘Twitch is giving me a 6.5 out of 10’

Today was the first ever PC Gaming Show at E3. What did you think?

I feel like it had its ups and downs, and came off like a grassroots type show with growing pains, which makes sense. It would have been nice to know that roughly 30 minutes of it would be a massive AMD ad disguised as interviews though!

We got a few reveals which is a lot more than I expected, which is nice. I’m pretty jazzed up about the Heroes of the Storm┬ánews, as we got confirmation of two new heroes tonight — Leoric and Diablo III‘s Monk. I don’t know, I could go for another one of these next year with all the kinks worked out, as it was nice to see the PC get the spotlight.



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