Everyone gets a giant chicken in this Heroes of the Storm event

You get a chicken, and you get a chicken

In addition to Valeera and the Tassadar/Rexxar changes, Heroes of the Storm will kick off a new Lunar Festival event on January 24. It’ll run until February 14, and instead of just rewarding players with a typical portrait, it’ll also provide a rooster mount upon completion.

Basically, you have three weeks to complete 25 “Rooster Races,” which are like mini scavenger hunts that take place before the match starts. Just like every other event you get the quest once per day, but you can participate in a race as long as one person in the game has the quest active. So it should take you anywhere from 25-30 games to finish it.

Beyond that there’s a few bundles on offer (2016 and 2017 Lunar heroes, skins, and mounts), which introduce Monkey King Samuro, Lunar Li-Ming, and the Nimbus Cloud mount into the Nexus. If you’re so inclined, you can also buy the Golden Rooster for 10,000 gold.

Out of everything I’m most stoked to try out Valeera on live servers. She’s not as exciting out of the gate as a lot of other new heroes, but her skill ceiling is already giving way to some cool plays in the pro scene.

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