Everyone dies at the prison (including Jordan)

Uhhh, I plead not guilty!

[Int. Court of law — Day]

Judge: Mr. Makedonski, how do you explain this despicable act of team killing?

Brett: This isn’t how trials work, your honor.

Judge: It’s my courtroom and I’ll hold you in contempt of court if you question the process again!

Brett: Damn, you’re good, your honor.

Judge: I know. This job’s more than just bangin’ the hammer. Anyway, back to the question.

Brett: Uhh, it was basically a mercy killing! Jordan was going to die anyway.

Judge: You could’ve saved him.

Brett: Yeah, but it was at the prison and I was super jumpy because EVERYONE parachuted into the prison.

Judge: Still not good enough.

Brett: …At least it was funny?

Judge: Hell yeah, IT WAS FUNNY! Good job shooting Jordan right in his stupid fucking face! I’m gonna make you my new bailiff.

Brett: Hell yeah, a judge who says “Hell yeah!”

[Fade out]

In other D-Team news, check out this sweet art of the four of us assing the whole joint up in cartoon form. I like to think it gives some lore on why Jordan won’t wear helmets.

Brett Makedonski
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