Everyday Shooter settling down with Thursday as this week’s PSN release

Since we first play the title at this year’s E3, we haven’t run out of good things to say about Jonathan Mak’s Everyday Shooter. I do have something to say about Jonathan’s mail provider, though — that dude’s inbox is all kinds of full!

And it’s about to blow up even more, because once people get their hands on Everyday Shooter as part of this Thursday’s PlayStation Network update, he’s going to get mountains of love notes from gamers. The title will be available for $10 this Thursday, and based on the little we’ve played of it, it seems like a good use of your cash.

But if you’re still not sold, stick around for our full review, which we should have up not too long after the game’s release. In the meantime, kick back and just watch the trailer … over and over again.

[Source: IGN]

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