Everyday Shooter screens and video: more effective than a price drop

With all of the big budget titles shown across multiple hotels and one out of the way hangar, I don’t know if I should be surprised that I came away most impressed with a PlayStation Network title. An award-winning PC title created by one man and effectively ported over to the PlayStation 3 in three days, no less.

I am, of course, talking about Everyday Shooter, a game which I already half-heartedly raved about last week before falling into a Red Bull-induced coma. This is the same game that, after me demanding he play it, Niero himself has touted as his favorite game of the show.

Now I certainly don’t expect you to be able to properly gauge this game’s awesomeness by a few screenshots and a video; it’s best experienced when you’re giving it your full attention, and are fully immersed in the experience. And it would be foolish for me to expect you to want to run out and drop cash on a Playstation 3 just to play Everyday Shooter.

But if there’s one thing this demonstrates, it’s Sony’s dedication and talent for picking up creative and new gaming experiences. It’s always been one of their strengths, and I’m glad it’s finally rearing its head this generation. With Sony finally doing things right this gen, let’s hope that those “other two” can step up their game, and meet the challenge.

Nick Chester