Everybody’s Golf details Final Fantasy anniversary DLC

Everybody needs a Chocobo Caddy

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Sony Japan has released details and images of the Final Fantasy-themed DLC, coming to Everybody’s Golf on the PS4. The cool new crossover was announced in part to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary RPG franchise. All the following information currently applies to Japan only.

The first, and best, item is the Chocobo Caddy, this fella will ferry you around the course, and can even glide and swim in order to get you to your links faster, The Chocobo Caddy goes live on February 26 and costs ¥500.

Next up, from February 26 to March 12, players can participate in a special online tournament, the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup. Any players participating in the preliminaries of the tournament will bag their avatar a stylish, Cactaur-themed, jacket and baseball cap. Should your putting skills see you all the way to the finals, then you will also acquire a Moogle costume.

Finally, free for all players is a golf cart emblazoned with the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary logo. This item can be downloaded in game by all players from February 26. Pretty slick.

As noted, all of these items, prices and dates are currently listed for Japan only, but no doubt they will be made available in the West, hopefully on the same day and date. It should be that way, because depriving people of a Chocobo Caddy would be an absolute crime.

Everybody’s Golf is available now on PS4.

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