Everybody’s doing it

That’s the ultimate message of the above advertisement, a lengthy spot that’s being passed about as being rejected by television for its content. The suggestive tone and language are supposedly too racy or something. 

It’s not really “too hot for TV,” it’s too long for it. At a minute and thirteen seconds, this is just a large collection of clips. Of those clips, they took the ones that were most cohesive/socially-acceptable-yet-suggestive and put them into a thirty-second spot to air on television. Then they release this to the web because, hey, why the hell not? It’s still kinda funny.

But, since they want people to really talk about it, instead of calling it the “uncut” ad, they call it “TOO DIRTY FOR TV” and get the people thinking it’s a controversy. Then the people on the net promote it for them more effectively than the ads they bought on television.

Kinda funny, though.

Activision’s Too Hot For TV Modern Warfare 2 Ad [Game Informer]

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