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Every Warzone map ranked from worst to best

Every single map, ranked.

In the four years of Warzone, we’ve competed in battle royale matches across eight maps, but which is the best, and which would we rather forget? I’ve ranked every Warzone battle royale map from worst to best.

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For this list, we’ve included the larger battle royale maps and the smaller ones generally used for Resurgence modes. Of course, the bigger maps do play a little differently than their more compact companions, but Warzone is Warzone and I feel you can accurately compare them based on map design, and overall fun.

So, strap in for a trip down memory lane as I take you through every map in the battle royale’s history.

8. Caldera – Warzone‘s worst map

Warzone's Caldera map, with army tents and trees.
Disappointing. Image via Activision

When I’m writing a list like this, I sometimes feel bad placing something as “worst.” Sometimes the thing isn’t that bad, but the things above them are just so good that they end up in that spot.

This is not one of those occasions. Caldera is, without question, the lowpoint of Warzone, and is universally despised by players. The map is far too big to begin with, and this issue is compounded by a severe lack of buildings and settlements across the island. Sometimes it felt like you were playing a hiking simulator rather than a battle royale, and the openness of Caldera meant you were constantly getting sniped.

Visibility on this map was poor and there wasn’t enough cover, but perhaps worst of all was the fact that it replaced Warzone‘s best map (more on that later.) Perhaps it never stood a chance when it was following the King of Warzone, but it certainly wasn’t what fans wanted, and it is not looked back on fondly.

7. Fortune’s Keep

The Keep POI in Fortune's Keep
Matches always end up at the Keep. Image via Activision

Now this one does feel a little harsh, as I don’t dislike Fortune’s Keep. Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t rank it any higher, as for me, it just crosses that threshold of being a little too small. I always felt that it was too hectic, and the nature of the layout drove people to land at the Keep POI, which meant the start of matches were always manic.

It’s original run was just five months between June and Nov. 2022, although it returned in Feb. 2024. I just find Fortune’s Keep a little forgettable, and while it’s generally not bad and I don’t mind many of the POIs, it just doesn’t have enough to rank any higher on my list.

6. Ashika Island

An ancient building on Ashika Island
Ashika Island is visually different from everything else. Image via Activision

Ashika Island is one of the best Resurgence maps in Warzone, and is visually completely different from everything else. Set somewhere in the Pacific Asia region, the island is full of ancient-looking buildings, while the POIs are varied and nicely spread apart.

The only thing that keeps Ashika Island from being near the business end of this list is the fact that it’s so dark and gloomy compared to other maps on this list. It does give it a unique aesthetic, but it also can make it harder to see enemies dressed in greys and blacks, and with the level of competition in this list, that’s enough to send you down the rankings.

5. Urzikstan

Players parachuting over Urzikstan
I find Urzikstan a little too confusing for me. Image via Activision

This was a hard one, and I almost had it at number four on this list, but I’ve always found that when I’m dropping into Urzikstan I find it hard to differentiate some of the locations, and generally find the layout to be a little confusing.

Still, this is a solid battle royale map, but perhaps the POIs could have been a little more interesting, and the east of the map could have used some love. There’s plenty of cover though, and lots of looting opportunities, so it’s still well worth your time.

4. Al Mazrah

Al Mazrah City, with a sculpture and a river
Al Mazrah City is a great POI. Image via Activision

Al Mazrah is Warzone‘s largest map, but the developers did a great job to not make it feel that way. Instead, Al Mazrah feels like a really well-balanced offering, with a mixture of new and interesting POIs such as Tarq Village dotted alongside classic Modern Warfare 2 locations like Quarry.

There are some areas that could do with a few more buildings or POIs, especially the west side which becomes quite empty. once you get past the Caves. Having the Observatory sitting high on a hill in the middle of the map is nice, and Al Mazrah City is a fun hot-drop if you fancied immediate action.

Unfortunately, Al Mazrah was removed in Dec. 2023, and we don’t know when we’ll see it again.

3. Rebirth Island

Warzone's Rebirth Island, with a ship parked on the water.
Rebirth Island is a little small for my taste. Image via Activision

Put your pitchforks down for a second—I still think Rebirth Island is really good. It’s one of Warzone‘s most popular maps ever for a reason, and I have so many fond memories of playing on it during the first two years of the battle royale’s lifespan.

After a two year absence, it returned in April 2024, and if it wasn’t for its reappearance, it actually might be higher on my list. While I still really like Rebirth Island, I do now accept that I had been looking back on it with rose-tinted glasses, and when you play now it feels a little cramped. The layout doesn’t really lend itself to different kinds of combat either, it’s just close-quarters gunfights all the time. That’s why it takes third on my list, which is still a good performance if you ask me.

2. Vondel

A high-angle view of Vondel, a city with canals and buildings
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Image via Activision

For me, Vondel is the best of Warzone‘s small maps. Based on Amsterdam, it’s unlike anything else in the game, with canals flowing through the area, and incredible POIs. University, Castle, and Stadium are three of my absolute favorites on this map, but there really isn’t a bad location, and the built-up nature of the city mixed with long roads and open canals creates the perfect mix of short and long-range action.

In my opinion, it’s the most fun you can have playing Warzone today, and if you haven’t tried it yet, I beg you to give it a go. You won’t regret it.

1. Verdansk – Warzone‘s best map

Verdansk's Downtown area, with smoking skyscrapers
Iconic. Image via Activision

The original, and the best. Four years after it first appeared in Warzone, Verdansk still sits at the top of the mountain, and deserves every drop of praise it gets. It came during a period of time where we all truly needed it, and captured our hearts. Who doesn’t have awesome memories of dropping Superstore with their buddies, or taking on an enemy squad in Storage Town?

You may accuse me of looking at Verdansk with rose-tinted glasses, the same way I did with Rebirth Island, but I don’t believe I am. The flow of matches on Verdansk felt so nice, and the layout created opportunities for all different kinds of combat. Rotations were easy, the layout was simple, and the buildings were interesting.

It truly is the best that Warzone has ever seen, and we can only hope the rumors of its return with Black Ops 6 end up being true.

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