Every version of Shovel Knight is getting quality of life updates, new combo pack due in December

Plus more amiibo support

During today’s special Shovel Knight presentation (which is basically a Nintendo Direct), Yacht Club Games had a lot of news to announce, and most of it pertains to the new gargantuan Shovel Knight package that includes the base game and expansions (one is upcoming).

First up is amiibo news! The King Knight, Plague Knight, and Specter Knight 3-pack is finally coming soon, and will unlock new costumes for the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch editions: Ultimate Supreme King, Boomtech Plague, and Lich Lord Specter respectively. Yacht Club stresses that these are cosmetic only, as are the fairy friends (which are basically companions or pets from an MMO).

Next up, the whole Treasure Trove shebang (as in, everything, every expansion and the fighting minigame) will arrive in December with a ton of quality of life updates. The base game will allow folks to earn feats (achievements) in co-op, Plague of Shadows has added an “Alchemy Quick Select” option (for weaponry), and Specter of Torment is getting five new challenge mode stages. The base game also features “hundreds of cheats,” and after you unlock ever feat, you’ll get a little flag icon on the main menu for bragging rights. Oh, and the Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels board game is still on the way (1-4 players with “sidescrolling action”).

Isn’t it crazy that Shovel Knight arrived five years ago and Yacht Club Games has slowly worked their way up to the point where they have a formidable franchise? Remember when Keiji Inafune tried to force a franchise all at once before one game (Mighty No. 9) was even out? Good times.

Chris Carter
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